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Silvie turned to yoga to alleviate her chronic lower back pain that she suffered since her teenage years. However, it was the sheer pleasure of movement and challenge that made her stick to the practice. But yes, her body got stronger and her pain went away. Energized and rejuvenated, she found a way to a more balanced life. Since then, Silvie’s practice has become a way that helps her tap into the natural state of inner peace and strength.

Silvie’s inspiring and engaging teaching style makes her one of the most sought-after yoga teachers in San Francisco. In her classes, she incorporates smart sequencing into strong flow intertwined with deep and steady breath. Her emphasis on healthy alignment and inward focus lead students deeper into their practice. Teaching with integrity, compassion, and intuition, Silvie provides safe space for students to explore their practice in a way that fosters their growth and well-being.

Having over 500 hours of training and 6 years of teaching experience, she has extensively studied with Ana Forrest and Stephanie Snyder, and has been deeply influenced by the teachings of Jason Crandell and Mark Whitwell. In addition to her yoga certification, she holds a degree in Social Work and a degree in Communication Studies.

"5 STARS for yoga teacher Silvie Hibdon. I wish I could give her 100 stars! She is the best yoga teacher here, and I've done them all for years. I cannot miss Silvie's classes; they are a permanent part of my week and the highlight where exercise & release combine. I work out often and with Silvie's excellent techniques have worked numerous kinks/injuries out of my body. She offers a higher level of yoga physically & mentally that you will notice immediately. Her emphasis on inward focus has also taught me new reflections and changed my outlook on people. You can tell yoga is her lifelong identity just by her body & self-discipline." (J.M.)

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I also had a great personal yoga session with Silvie. She was very attentive and gave me constructive feedback about my alignment and form. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2001 and there is also more to learn and private lessons offer a great way to go deeper. Silvie is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher who led me to some new insights about my practice and form. This will continue to support my growth as a practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend to beginners and advanced practitioners.
Claire Williams 
You were the instructor that launched me excitedly into the world of yoga and my own journey of self-discovery and expansion. i got very much into developing my own practices, which expanded to vipassana meditation and a deeper exploration through the masters program i’m undertaking in somatic psychology at CIIS. You being there has played a small but pivotal role in the direction my life has taken.
Willi F
Sylvie teaches the Sunday morning yoga class. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning. Her class is always really fantastic and offers a great refreshing workout. What better review can I give than to say that her class actually gets me in the gym at 11AM on a Sunday? Her classes are pretty popular though, so plan on getting there really early to find floor space!
Steve C. 
Hi Silvie, your classes were what inspired me to go and get my certification. I cannot tell you what a wonderful decision it has been. It has allowed me to go from a full time desk job that I only sort of enjoyed to doing something that I truly love.
Chelsea Liebelt 
hi silvie! i just wanted to let you know that i absolutely loved your class & wanted to thank you for being such a great & inspiring instructor- i really believe that my pregnancy was so "easy" b/c of your yoga classes!
Susan Kagan

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I really enjoy Silvie’s classes and she|is one of the best instructors I’ve taken so far! She teaches her classes w/ a sense of style, good flow and it’s never the same routine. Silvie makes her classes both fun (w/ her sense of humor) and challenging. She explains the moves thoroughly, makes corrections to your posses
(so that they are pristine), teaches breathing techniques and assists in building your core strength.Leaving her class, I feel more
relaxed and energized!!And knowing that I left w/ an awesome workout!…I highly recommend Silvie’s classes to all of my friends! For those who aren’t so keen to “A typical yoga class” …this is one you won’t want to pass up!!
Martha Wong
I’ve been attending Silvie’s classes for about two years now - mostly at Gold’s Castro. And I hope to get to attend them for at least another two. One aspect of her classes that I especially appreciate is that she asks for requests at the beginning of each class. I typically ask for neck or core. She always incorporates peoples’ requests so it really helps on days that I’m stiff. She also has a great sense of humor. She is witty and sometimes, out of left field, I find myself laughing and smiling. That’s always an added bonus.
No two classes are the same. She teaches all level classes. So on days I want to feel challenged, I’m challenged. On days that I want to take it easier, I take it easy. I feel she goes out of her way to make all levels welcome.
Lee Newman